5 tricks for writing a history essay

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Writing a history essay is actually very easy. Here are a few little tricks:

Say NO to dates.

You shouldn't overuse dates in your homeworkforyou reviews . Why? Because the requirements do not say anything about the dates, but for an error can take away 2 points. So before you write a year-month-date-hour-minute event that you studied so meticulously, think - and whether you're sure of its correctness? Of course, such important dates as the Battle of Kulikovo (1380) or the Baptism of Russia (988) still should be specified, but you must answer with your head for their correctness.

You are not Pushkin. Don't write WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL.

Save the beauty for your literature essays. There must be a beginning, a climax, and a theme. In history essays, you will NOT get points for beauty. So write clearly, informative, it's okay if the text will seem clumsy, if there are tautologies in it. The main thing that the essay has been complied with all the requirements for which the scores. And your "beauty" will not be evaluated by the expert - he/she will have as many of these essays in a day, as you will not write during the entire period of preparation.

You are not Tolstoy. Don't write THAT MUCH.

Think about the examiner: do you think he wants to read your opus? No, he does not. Therefore, strictly write only what is specified in the requirements: 2 personalities, 2 events, 2 consequences and evaluation of the period. To each character, if possible, you can add one event and one consequence - just in case if the main events you specified do not seem important enough. But no more. Take pity on the expert.

Be like Suvorov, have a strategy, make a scheme.

Before you write your essay, make a small plan with the personalities, events, and implications that you will follow when you write. This is necessary for clarity and logic in the text. You can read about how to make an outline for a history essay here.

Moderate your pride, learn some HISTORIANS VIEWS.

"Based on historical facts and opinions of historians" is about evaluating the period and its role in the further history of Russia. Your opinion is undoubtedly very important, but for the experts the same Karamzin will be more authoritative. Therefore, for each period, it is desirable to read the estimates of a couple of historians and know them at least approximately. Because the phrase "According to Kluchevsky, this period ..." sounds cooler than "I believe that ...". It's a fact.
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